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How does it work?

Like a standard SCUBA regulator, just insert the mouthpiece, blow out any water and breathe normally.

How do I mount it?

The Neoprene mounting vest is included. Wear alone, over a wetsuit or under another vest.

How much air will it give me?

It varies based on an individual’s lung capacity, approximately 10-15 breaths on average. It will give you enough air to get out of an emergency where you are held underwater for a short period of time. See specifications for more details.

Is it reusable?

Yes, with the optional refill adapter (patent pending) it can be refilled from a scuba tank, and if you are a certified diver you can bring it to any Spare Air SCUBA dealer to have it refilled.

How much does it weigh?

At only 2 lb. (for both breathing unit and vest) You won’t even know you are wearing it!!!

How much do they cost?

Suggested Retail is $320.00 for the Spare Air and the neoprene vest.

Do I need training to use the product?

While not mandatory, SCUBA certification is recommended.

Where can I buy one?

The Spare Air Xtreme Sport is available at most dive shops. To locate a dealer near you, visit our Spare Air Dealer Locator.

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SPARE AIR Xtreme is recommended for underwater use by certified SCUBA divers only.

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