Mounting the Spare Air Xtreme

The Xtreme Sport comes with a custom vest to mount your Spare Air. This 1/8 inch neoprene vest comes with easy to adjust side velcro belt, and a secure pouch with an outlet for your regulator mouthpiece. Wear the vest under a PFD and/or outside any other clothing for easy access.

The Spare Air Xtreme Sport regulator is designed to work with most v-neck Personal Floatation Devices. Some adjustments may be required to ensure that the mouthpiece can be reached in an emergency (hands free). Please test accessibility before relying on the Xtreme Sport in a real life situation.

Daniel Andersson - tow-in surfer
Photo by Benja Iglesis

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SPARE AIR Xtreme is recommended for underwater use by certified SCUBA divers only.

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