Spare Air Xtreme 6

The Xtreme 6 is a complete mini dive and snorkel system. Comes fully assembled, ready to strap on to your waist and jump in the water. The Second Stage Regulator combined with innovative EasyDive Snorkelator allows the user to quickly switch from Snorkel to Regulator and back again - conserving air.  Simple, light-weight setup at just under 5 lbs includes:

  • 6 cu ft of air provides up to 20 minutes of breathing at depths less than 20'
  • 1st and 2nd Stage Regulators
  • Snorkelator
  • Custom Waist Harness with weight pockets
  • Dial Gauge Pressure Indicator
  • Regulator Necklace
  • 910S and 920C Refill Adapters
  • Carry Bag


Part Number:
Cylinder Capacity:
6.0 cu ft / 170 liters
Water Capacity:
53 cu in / 1 liters
Service Pressure:
3000 psi / 207 bar
14" / 36 cm
3.2" / 8.2 cm
5 lb. / 2.3 kg
Cylinder Material:
Aluminum - Black Anodized
Regulator Type:
Balanced piston, on/off knob, 36" flexible hose and 2nd stage regulator
Up to 20 minutes at depths to 20 feet (varies depending on depth, lung size and activity level)
Recommended Depth:
30 ft / 9 meters
Recommended for underwater use by certified divers only

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SPARE AIR Xtreme is recommended for underwater use by certified SCUBA divers only.

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