Manny Carabello, Jaws Beach, Maui

Manny Carabello speaks about using his Spare Air"I train for the unpredictable, I wear Spare Air for the Impossible! The surf was 18 feet and forecasted to rise to the heights of possibly 30 feet before sunset. After a failed attempt to ride the tube on a 20 ft wave, I found myself being pushed through the water as if the hand of god were dragging me. The breaker let me up about 80 yards from where I fell.

Manny CarabelloMy tow-in partner, Chuck Patterson, was right there to get me with the jet-ski. But something happened that was not supposed to. Chuck's swim fin pulled the kill switch attached to his wrist, stalling the engine in our attempt to race out of the impact zone, away from a six story high mountain of whitewater. When I came to the surface, I was slightly winded and glad to see another friend come right in. I was on the back of his rescue sled within seconds and this is where things went really wrong. Wally's ski malfunctioned, the scenario repeated itself, except when I popped up this time, a wave was 10 seconds from breaking on my head. I attempted to swim down and got caught by the white water 10 feet below the surface. It took me for a long ride, my l lungs were screaming for air. I was going to go for my Spare Air when my survival instincts kicked in and my flotation vest brought me to the surface. But another one was coming. I swam down and bought the mouthpiece to my lips and sucked in that cool sweet air from my mini tank. I did not stop breathing until I reached the surface again. One more wave came and I did the same thing. Finally, I got picked up and made it to the channel where I called it a day. I was glad to be alive, and glad I had my Spare Air. I don't surf Jaws without it."

Daniel Andersson

Manny Carabello speaks about using his Spare Air"I remember about five months ago, I was sketching down on a piece of paper the kind of equipment I wished I had in order for me to take the sport of tow-surfing to the next level. On my list, I had three separate categories for which I wanted to provide equipment.

Photo by www.benjaiglesis.comThe first category was Impact Protection; the second was floatability; the third was access to extra air. I was thinking about something that would be easy and safe to use. I already knew about the Spare Air products and that some people were using them for tow-surfing. But the way to access it underwater after a big wave wipeout was an open question. I knew some guys surfed with a mini-tank duck- taped to their forearms. But the thing is, when you wipe out on a very big wave it can be very hard to move your limbs in any direction with control, thus making it difficult to get the mini-tank to your mouth with your arms.

So I was trying to figure out how I could attach a mini-tank to myself and be able to breathe from it with relative ease. I went on to the Spareair website and experienced a little personal revelation - as I would like to call it -, the Spare Air Extreme Sport.

I could not believe my eyes. The world’s smallest scuba-tank in a Velcro-vest pocket that goes around the user’s chest, with the mouth piece right underneath the chin. All you need to do is bend your head over and breathe!!! This was exactly what I had been dreaming about.

I was lucky enough to get on the test team, and here I am. I have been using the Spare Air Extreme Sport for about 4 months now and it’s awesome. It’s so easy to use: just take that sweet breath of air that you need when you feel like your lungs are about to explode!"

Bill Mancini

"Several years ago I deceided to carry my spare air purchased for diving with me rafting trip on the Tuolumne. After of few minutes of giggling and funny looks from the group and a guide or two the laughter stopped and the "Let me see that" started. Guess it took a minute or two for the idea to set in. Anyway, I was tossed in the water during the ride on a rapid called Rock Garden. I started breathing on my Spare Air after staying under for what seemed like the rest of the day. I have carried it with me on every trip since and will now never take a river ride without the Xtream Sport at the ready."

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